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Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology

1299 Bryant Ave, Mt. View, CA 94040 T 650-940-4650 x0090
2 Required Classes: English and Digital Media 3rd/Elective Class:  + Animation or Design or Film

At Freestyle Academy, we believe that successful people, no matter that they do, are skilled and passionate. At Freestyle Academy, we believe that school should be an exciting place where what you learn is relevant to your life and interests. At Freestyle Academy, we also believe that if you can communicate your ideas and passion to the larger community, you will be successful in anything you choose to do.

Freestyle Academy Promo 2018
Freestyle Academy Promo 2021 by SarahR
Freestyle Academy Promo 2021 by QuinnA AlaynaL
Freestyle Academy Promo 2021 by BrynK NatalieL JamieM
Freestyle Academy Promo 2021 by VinhL NoahE
Freestyle Academy Promo 2019 by RobinW AmandaC

If you want to discover/develop your passion and learn how to communicate your message about the world, then join us a Freestyle. With sophisticated and integrated projects leveraging the possibilities of modern technology, you will learn to express and produce your message through various mediums like these student productions:

Here's what you'll use at Freestyle Academy to produce your message for the world to see and hear: