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2 Required Classes: English and Digital Media 3rd/Elective Class:  + Animation or Design or Film

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Digital Media Regrading Policy



Suppose in Digital Media, you get a graded rubric back for a particular Production Category assignment and you know you can do better and show your mastery of the project.


You can improve your Digital Media grade and show mastery in only Production Category work according to the following schedule:

Maximum Score Requirements Completed by
A+ = 100% meets all rubric requirements grading deadline
B+ =   89% REVISED work meets all rubric requirements within 1 calendar week after the grading deadline
C+ =   79% REVISED work meets all rubric requirements within 2 weeks after the grading deadline
D+ =   69% REVISED work meets all rubric requirements within 3 weeks after the grading deadline
F =     59% REVISED work meets all rubric requirements within 4 weeks or more after the grading deadline


  1. A “grading deadline” is defined as the period of time when the assignment is actually graded which can be later than the completion deadline. For example, an assignment could be scheduled to be completed by January 31st so it’s ready for the Mid-Year Exhibition, but the grading deadline could be sometime in February.
  2. You can make changes to your website productions at any time  - regardless if you want a regrade or not because perhaps you want the world to see a more polished project from you.
  3. Typically Pre-Production category assignments are graded right away. Grades for late Pre-Production assignments are at the teacher’s case by case discretion

What you need to do to get an assignment regraded:

  1. Fix whatever you need to fix - refer to the graded rubric
  2. Make sure that the assignment is put up on the webserver or submitted into the drop box depending upon the assignment
  3. On your printed graded rubric, circle/highlight/indicate ALL the particular items you want regraded
  4. Return the rubric to me for regrading with these parameters. You can only submit a rubric for regrading ONE time. Make all changes, then submit for regrading ONLY ONCE.

Note that if you get more than 89% on an assignment, then regrading for that assignment is not necessary because the highest possible regrade % you can get is 89%.


The point of all of this is that you should be given the chance to fix problems based on the feedback on the rubrics. The scaled grading rewards students who refer to and meet all rubric requirements prior to the grading deadline.