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Choices: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Rahul Patel (2011)

The main character of the story has a great passion for playing drums. This can be a conflict, because this passion can be an obsession. In fact, this internal characteristic leads him to a point of no return, where he chooses to leave a possible past behind, a past that would be materialistically greater. Instead, he leans forward to choose the path of his passion.

The first image shows the character playing drums. The close up to the drum set gives it a pure look, as the character's passion is pure. The blur of the sticks adds to the effect of the character rocking out. The second picture is darker, except for the pure light that the character leans towards, as he leans toward the path of his passion. He looks back to burn the suit, which represents a possible materialistic path that he has left in his shadow. The rest of the room is left in the darkness. The cupboard represents material objects, and the door represents an alternative path that has been left behind.
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