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A Daughter's Donation: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Austin Pan (2017)

I am exploring the feeling of despair through loss. Grief and despair and depression are all common emotions people experience throughout their lifespan. Through my comic, I attempted to convey these emotions through a short story about a father losing his daughter. Through the story of a father losing his daughter to a tragic disaster, I attempted to convey a sense of grief and pain to the audience.

To construct this piece, I used Adobe Illustrator to digitally exhibit the scenes that were depicted within my story. During this production, it was challenging to only use the pen tool instead of using other tools such as the line tool or brush tool because if those tools were used, the printing of the comics would become significantly harder on the printers. One aspect of my production that I would change would be the conciseness of my story. Because my story was squeezed into only a few comic panels, I felt that I wasn’t completely successful in conveying the message that I aimed for through my comic. The aspect of this production that I am most proud of would be the scenery that I drew for the first few panels because of their perspective drawings. While constructing my comic, I grew in my time management and also in my proficiency of Adobe Illustrator.
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