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Let's Eat: A Senior Narrative Production by Hannah Pang (2018)

In this series of Album covers I explored the multiple and changing perspectives of my main character, Vic, in my short story Billy’s Diner. This story was inspired by the unique eerie yet fun plot lines of Roald Dahl. I chose a color palette of yellow, orange, and purple because I wanted to reflect the odd harmony of playful and creepy. The warm colors dominate, bringing light and happiness in while the pop of the mysterious purple, gives the pieces depth. All of the titles of these albums are direct quotes from my story as well.The photos used in these cover were 35mm film prints that I scanned digitally. I chose to use film photos because I wanted the rusty and grainy feel of the photo. Billy’s Diner is a classic old diner that has outdated seating and decor, so I wanted to replicate that grunge in the photos. I decided to edit in photoshop and remove pieces of the photos. This was done because Vic doesn’t quite see all the puzzle pieces fitting together while in the diner, rather he only focuses on small things or people.The story ends with a twist, bringing our naive main character into the dangers of an unknown kitchen. This is the reasoning for all the sliced up fingers and arms. Additionally, on the cover of ‘American Tongue’ the legs are repeated three times to symbolize the three moods Vic had once he entered the restaurant: excitement, hunger, and embarrassment.

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