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Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology

1299 Bryant Ave, Mt. View, CA 94040 T 650-940-4650 x0090
2 Required Classes: English and Digital Media 3rd/Elective Class:  + Animation or Design or Film

Freestyle Flex Period

What is the Flex period? What is the Flex Period for?

Flex Period details are as follows:

The MVHS and LAHS Schedule has a Tutorial period built into it on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Half of your classes are at LAHS and MVHS. We expect you to schedule any meetings on the Wednesday Tutorial Period with MVHS and LAHS Teachers. The other half of your schedule is with Freestyle. We have created a Flex period for both AM and PM students for various purposes which include but is not limited to:

Currently we have schedule Flex to be only 45 minutes out of respect for your after school activities, but we have the added flexibility to increase it to a maximum of 90 minutes when needed for REALLY SPECIAL EVENTS with a schedule like this: