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2006-2007 Public Service Announcements

As part of our 3rd Project: Public Service Announcements, our students have combined their writing and design skills with this assignment:

Definition: A non-commercial advertisement, broadcast for the public good. The main concept is to modify public attitudes by raising awareness about specific issues.

Essential Questions: Where do I see my values reflected in society? How can I best advocate issues important to me?

Objective: To demonstrate social responsibility by promoting issue benefitting the school or larger community.

Product Highlights: Persuasive Essays, Propaganda Posters, 30 second Film Commercials, Radio Spots, and Websites

Please click on any image and/or link below to read, listen to and view these pieces of work - sorted in alphabetical order.

Asperger Syndrome
Challenge Team
East Palo Alto Police Department
El Camino Hospital

Just Read
MVHS Database

Mt View-Whisman School District
One Dollar For Life
Read To Learn
MVHS Robotics
Sun Microsystems