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2006-2007 Short Story & Photonarratives

As part of our 2nd Project: Narratives, our students have combined their writing and design skills with this assignment, which consists of 3 elements:

1) An original fictional Short Story
2) A Photonarrative - a series of photos visualizing key points in the short story
3) A Photonarrative Video - combining a recitation of the short story by the author with the photonarrative series

Please click on any image and/or link below to read, listen to and view these pieces of work - sorted by first name alphabetical order.

TITLE by Aimee H
Aimee H - TITLE
TITLE by Jacquelyn S
Jaquelyn S - TITLE
TITLE by Michael C
Michael C - TITLE
Memories of Once by Andy C
Andy C - Memories of Once
Memories of Once by Andy C
Jeffrey M - The Traumatized Gymnast
The Project by Michael M
Michael M - The Project
Free Fall by Ben M
Ben M - Free Fall
TITLE by Jesse D
Jesse D - TITLE
TITLE by Michael S
Michael S - Photo
TITLE by Bertram R
Bertram R - TITLE
TITLE by Joanna S
Joanna S - TITLE
TITLE by Natalie S
Natalie S - Autumn Leaves
TITLE by Michael S
Brian M - TITLE
TITLE by Jose O
Jose O - TITLE
My Sweet, Sweet Apple Pie by Rachael E
Rachael E - My Sweet, Sweet Apple Pie
Fading Love by Carly H
Carly H - Fading Love
See Through by Julie H
Julie H - See Through
TITLE by Rebecca G
Rebecca G - TITLE
Power On by Charles C
Charles C - Power On
TITLE by Justin Y
Justin Y - TITLE
TITLE by Ross L
Ross L - TITLE
TITLE by Christina D
Christina D - TITLE
TITLE by Kate E
Kate E - TITLE
TITLE by Saam T
Saam T - Photo Narrative
TITLE by Conor T
Conor T - Inside the Frame
TITLE by Kavita M
Kavita M - TITLE
Biker by Scott S
Scott S - Biker
TITLE by Corrine M
Corrine M - Open Mind
TITLE by Laura G
Laura G - TITLE
TITLE by Stephen S
Stephen S - TITLE
TITLE by Courtney F
Courtney F - TITLE
TITLE by Lauren B
Lauren B - TITLE
Longevity by Sydney M
Sydney M - Longevity
TITLE by Dashiell S
Dashiell S - Untitled
TITLE by Lauryn M
Lauryn M - Fall
TITLE by Tai M
TITLE by Deanna A
Deanna A - TITLE
TITLE by Leila S
Leila S - TITLE
TITLE by Timothy I
Timothy I - TITLE
TITLE by Derek F
Derek F - TITLE
Trust by Margaret L
Margaret L - Trust
TITLE by Timothy R
Timothy R - TITLE
TITLE by Donovan R
Donovan R - TITLE
TITLE by Mary S
Mary S - TITLE
Faceless by Todd P
Todd P - Faceless
TITLE by Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S - TITLE
TITLE by Mathew L
Mathew L - TITLE
Testaments of Escape by Vladimir Z
Vladimir Z - Testaments of Escape
TITLE by Erika P
Erika P - TITLE
TITLE by Mathew P
Mathew P - TITLE
TITLE by William C
William C - TITLE
TITLE by Evan A
Evan A - TITLE
TITLE by Megan C
Megan C - Tired
TITLE by William S
William S - TITLE
TITLE by Jacob K
Jacob K - TITLE
TITLE by Michael A
Michael A - TITLE
TITLE by Yetzenia L
Yetzenia L - TITLE