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2006-2007 Documentary Books, Films, & Websites

For this 4th project, most of our students paired up with another student and chose their own Documentary topic. Our goal was to integrate work done in all classes to produce work around their chosen Documentary topic.


In Mr. Jack's English Class, students interviewed their documentary subjects with M-Audio MicroTrack portable digital recorders and intertwined their interview transcripts with additional research to write a Research Paper. During the process of interviewing their subjects, students took photos, used found photos and combined their audio interview transcript, research paper and quotes into a printed Photo Documentary Book with the use of Adobe InDesign in Ms. Pedinotti's Design/Graphics Class. Mr. Florendo's Web Production / Audio Engineering students edited together their various audio interviews, narration, sound effects and music in Apple GarageBand to produce an 8-16 minute Audio Documentary. They also used Adobe Dreamweaver together with Cascading Style Sheets to format and design their Documentary Website which showcases their Research Paper, Audio Documentary and Photo Documentary Book. Ms. Kefauver's Film students combined their research paper, photos, found photos and film footage into an 8-16 minute Documentary Film using Apple Final Cut Pro.


The links below will take you to each student's work. Feel free to send us a comment here about the projects you see.


Photo Documentary Book

(pdf version)

Documentary Films

All .mp4 Quicktime Required
Download films

Documentary Website
with Audio Documentary
Creative Mind
Advantages of a Creative Mind
Ross L
Reaching For the Clouds
Reaching for the Clouds
Aimee H & Lauren B

Role Playing
Role Playing

Brian M & Jeff Miller

Erika P
Megan C
Body Art
Body Art
Rebcceca G
Street or Strip
Street or Strip
Mathew L & Will S
Fire Life
Fire Life
Deanna A & Kavita M
Teenage Princess Dragon
I Want to be a Teenage Princess Dragon
Carly H
Business Success
One Way to Small Business Success
Andy C & Scott S
Garbage: The Dirty Truth
Dashiell S & Will C
Places of Escape
Places of Escape
Conor T & Evan A
Michael S
Jose O & Yetzenia L

Courtney F & Natalie S