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Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology

1305 Bryant Ave, Mt. View, CA 94040 T 650-940-4650 x5090
2 Required Classes: English and Digital Media 3rd/Elective Class:  + Animation or Design or Film

2016-2017 Project 7 Zenith Project Websites
by 2nd Year Students

These Zenith Projects focus on answering the question

"How do you ignite your passion and elevate your skills and experiences to create your ultimate and most successful Freestyle project?"

The purpose of the Senior Zenith Project is to ignite passion and elevate skills and experiences to create one's ultimate and most successful Freestyle project. More details about the project.

Aashia M
Ada P
Angel A
Ashley B
Avery D
Brooke B
Calvin C
Cameron Fi
Chingun E
Christien S
Colin D
Colin L
Cooper T
Cullen B
Elena R
Emily B
Eric G
Estelle D
Eva F
Gabrielle V
Hannah C
Ian B
Isabel M
Jacqueline C
Jeremy A
Jeremy C
Kai J
Kelvin G
Lara D
Lauren G
Manon L
Maximillian R
Megan Y
Michaella G
Milani L
Owen M
Parker J
Payton M
Quinn B
Rachel S
Ryan T
Ryan Y
Shayla T
Siyuan C
Skyler M
Soline G
Spencer V