Freestyle Academy proudly presents
3D Character by Camilla Robinson
2nd Place Winner: 2023 Los Altos Rotary Young at Art Contest
Max the Barista: A Senior 3D Character by Camilla Robinson

The character modeling project was probably one of the most difficult things I have done at Freestyle. I drew my concept for my character, Max the Barista, and began to model him. This model took multiple attempts as I figured out how to make my character cleaner and what worked for what. The progression from cube to human was an interesting one and a lot of the steps were “Trust the Process” moments. When I got him into Z-Brush, it was amazing to see how it was actually coming together and how I crafted a literal human. This model was awesome to build, and despite the tweaks I would have made with my later rigging perspective, I am proud of him.

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