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Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology

1325 Bryant Ave, Mt. View, CA 94040 T 650-940-4650 x0090
2 Required Classes: English and Digital Media 3rd/Elective Class:  + Animation or Design or Film

Project 4: Explorations Websites
by 1st Year Students

For this 4th Junior project, students were challenged to explore his/her own passion and improve upon a particular skill set that addresses 21st Century Skills. In English Class, students researched your topic for facts. In Digital Media, students created a visual representation in the form of an InfoGraphic of their research and digital documentation of their process developing their chosen skill through an Explorations Webpage. In Animation / Design / Film, students used class time to research and produce their Explorations Project.

Please put on a pair of headphones so you can listen to productions by students.

Here are links to each student's Website:



Due to the 2021 COVID Pandemic, we canceled our Explorations Projects.



Akhand D
Akshur A
Alec C
Amara L
Anna M
Arjun S
Arsh M
Ash P
Avni S
Belle W
Carson H
Charissa V
Daniela S
Delia C
Eileen C
Elisa F
Elli L
Ellie S
Emma S
Emma T
Erin A
Ernest C
Evan S
Haley G
Hrisha B
Iain R
Izzi B
Jennifer S
Joshua I
Juan Z
Justin M
Kira N
Leila B
Lia T
Louie S
Matthew Wa
Max L
Maya Su
Midori O
Nate R
Neekie S
Nick N
Nick S
Nicky K
Oliver C
Sarah R
Saumeya S
Seth J
Sofia A
Soren R
Stephen H
Toby T
Victoria L
Vivian H

Starting in 2018-2019,
all Freestyle Juniors were enrolled in Digital Media


Aaron W
Alex B
Alex W
Allison M
Arabella B
Ari S
Astrid H
Atenea D
Avery T
Bija H
Brandon C
Brent A
Cameron S
Casey S
Cat C
Channon J
Colby J
Cristian P
Edmond L
Elen P
Eren G
Eric R
Ethan C
Hanna S
Hannah H
Ilsa A
Isabel L
Isabella L
Jamil Y
Jehan R
Jeremy H
Jordan S
Josh M
Kate A
Katherine S
Kerby G
Kirsten A
Madi G
Max M
Michael T
Natalie H
Niko J
Olivia A
Owen P
Priyah K
Richard F
Ryan W
Sarah M
Sean L
Shannon M
Spencer C
Syd J
Sydney E
Sydney T
Zachary R

Prior to 2018-2019,
only half of Freestyle Juniors were enrolled in Digital Media


Amruta B
Benjamin S
Chloe C
Christian M
Elijah C
Fiona H
Francesca S
Hannah M
Jacqueline Ow
Kaitlyn E
Kearstyn H
Makeda Y
Max B
Mia P
Nisha M
Ryan K
Sarah H
Simone C
Tanshi M
Tyler B


Anna L
Austin P
Carly W
Cassandra M
Christopher M
Emily C
Ethan B
Ethan J
Jasmine T
Jessica D
Kathryn M
Mikele B
Morgan F
Natalie R
Nicole H
Patrick G
Peter Z
Sasha H
Sebastian M
Shivam K
Syyah B


Aashia M
Chingun E
Colin D
Cullen B
Hannah C
Isabel M
Jacqueline C
Joseph D
Kai J
Kelvin G
Lauren G
Maximillian R
Owen M
Quinn B
Soline G