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Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology

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2 Required Classes: English and Digital Media 3rd/Elective Class:  + Animation or Design or Film

Humor Websites
by 2nd Year Students

In English, Seniors experimented with a variety of comedic improvisation exercises, studied various professional pieces of visual, written, and spoken humor, learned comedic terms and techniques, and script and delivered an original performance (either recorded live in class or pre-recorded). In Digital Media, students used their English content to create a Humor Project website featuring a recording of your performance, comedic inspirations (such as the artists you studied), techniques practiced, problems solved, and a reflection about the enduring personal value of your learning process.

Please put on a pair of headphones so you can listen to productions by students.

Here are links to each student's Website:



Akhand D
Akshur A
Alec C
Alex H
Alex V
Amara L
Anna M
Arjun S
Arsh M
Ash P
Avni S
Belle W
Carson H
Charissa V
Christa P
Daniela S
David T
Delia C
Eileen C
Elisa F
Elli L
Ellie S
Emily Mc
Emma S
Emma T
Erin A
Ernest C
Evan S
Haley G
Hrisha B
Iain R
Izzi B
Jennifer S
Joshua I
Juan Z
Justin M
Kira N
Lauren H
Leila B
Lia T
Louie S
Marie G
Matthew Wa
Max L
Maya Su
Midori O
Nate R
Neekie S
Nick N
Nick S
Nicky K
Oliver C
Sarah R
Saumeya S
Seth J
Sofia A
Soren R
Stephen H
Toby T
Victoria L
Vivian H


Aiya Y
Alex B
Alex W
Allison M
Arabella B
Ari S
Astrid H
Atenea D
Avery T
Bija H
Brandon C
Brent A
Cameron S
Casey S
Cat C
Channon J
Colby J
Cristian P
Edmond L
Elen P
Eren G
Eric R
Ethan C
Hanna S
Hannah H
Ilsa A
Isabel L
Isabella L
Jamil Y
Jehan R
Jeremy H
Jordan S
Josh M
Kate A
Katherine S
Kerby G
Kirsten A
Madi G
Max M
Mezi I
Michael T
Natalie H
Niko J
Olivia A
Owen P
Priyah K
Richard F
Ryan W
Sarah M
Sean L
Shannon M
Spencer C
Syd J
Sydney E
Sydney T
Yan-Kun Z
Zachary R


Adam G
Addison L
Alexa H
Amanda C
Amruta B
Beck D
Ben P
Benjamin C
Benjamin S
Brianna S
Brooke Be
Chloe C
Christian L
Elayna P
Elijah C
Eloise G
Emory H
Eric W
Evelyn P
Fiona H
Francesca S
Hannah M
Hasmik G
Hudson J
Isabella C
Jacqueline Ow
Jesus G
Joseph W
Joshua S
Julia T
Kaitlyn E
Katelyn B
Katherine B
Kenneth S
Kyra P
Layla D
Loren C
Mackenzie B
Mahika G
Makeda Y
Maria H
Marisa N
Max B
Max T
Melissa P
Mia P
Nevo S
Nicholas F
Nina C
Nisha M
Owen D
Rebecca P
Reid S
Robyn W
Ryan K
Sacha K
Samantha L
Seva D
Simone C
Sukie D
Talar S
Tanshi M
Tara P
Tyler B
Urna B
William Si


2008 Senior Satirical Films

2008 Senior Satirical Music


Prior to 2018, we did not challenge our students with a Humor Project.