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Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology

1299 Bryant Ave, Mt. View, CA 94040 T 650-940-4650 x0090
2 Required Classes: English and Digital Media 3rd/Elective Class:  + Animation or Design or Film

General Information

  1. Where is Freestyle?

    Freestyle is next to Alta Vista HS for Semester 1, 2022-2023 but we will move to our new campus behing the MVLA District Office for Semester 2, 2022-2023.

    Freestyle Map

  2. Who are we?

    About Freestyle Staff, click on navigation menu Contact button.

  3. What do you need for Freestyle?

    Mainly your energy and creativity, but no particular thing is required. A limited set of computers are available for check-out for the entire year. Here is some information about equipment check-out

    Optional Equipment Purchases - Students/Parents often ask about purchasing equipment for Freestyle. No equipment is required for any student at Freestyle because we provide you with all the equipment you need. However, if you want to OPTIONALLY purchase hardware, equipment, and software similar to what we use at Freestyle, click on the navigation links For Students > Equipment for lots of information.

  4. Google Apps Account

    You should have already received an email to your address about your personal Freestyle Google account firstl@freestyleacademy.rock and how to log in to check your Freestyle email. Please check for that message. If you did not receive the message, check your spam messages and/or contact

  5. Schedule and Calendar

    The daily schedule is posted on the navigation links For Students > Schedule.

    Here's schedule of MVLA Bell Schedule juxatosed with the Freestyle Schedule. You can make a copy and enter YOUR classes in the bright green boxes on your copy of the file.

    Bell Schedules Juxtaposed
    Download your own copy and customize your schedule.

    To keep up to date on what's happening at Freestyle, click on the navigation links For Students > Calendar or go to

  6. English and Digital Media Rosters

    How do you know to go to English or Digital Media first?

    Junior Rosters or click on the navigation links For Students > JR Rosters.

    Senior Rosters or click on the navigation links For Students > SR Rosters.

  7. Class websites

    Click on the class links at the top of this page for webpages for details about each class.

    Freestyle Canvas Course Links (not valid until 1st day of school in August):

  8. After School Hours

    Freestyle is often, not always, open till 4:00 PM or later check the calendar for posted late closing time. You just have to ask usually Mr. Florendo what time he is leaving campus since he's usually the last teacher on campus. Students may work in any classroom after school as long as 1 teacher is present on campus.

  9. ONLY Freestyle Students allowed on Campus

    For the safety of everyone at Freestyle, only Freestyle Students and Staff are allowed on the Freestyle Campus similar to all other schools. As an MVLA student, for example, you can't just go to a Cupertino District school and walk on campus during school.

    Because all non-Freestyle people need to be known, if you are bringing a non-Freestyle student on our campus or spaces for non-Exhibition events (such as for dances, collaboration on a project, or observing a class for possibly joining Freestyle), please complete this form so we know who you are and who your guest is and why you are bringing them on campus.

  10. Food, Drinks, Microwave, Mini-fridge

    Each classroom teacher has their own classroom rules about food and drink. Please be respectful about eating and drinking in each room because the main goal is to keep rooms clean and also to NOT destroy equipment by accidentally spilling liquid on them. If you spill it, please take responsibility to clean it up

    There is mini-fridge, microwave, and disposable utensils for all students to use at any time in the Digital Media room - no need to ask, just use as needed.

    There is a broom and dust pan inside the front door of the Digital Media Room.

  11. Restrooms

    Please knock before going into a restroom - just in case someone didn't lock the door.

    Electronic key cards to open the restrooms are available in each classroom. Obviously return the key card to the correct classroom. It seems that the Film restroom key gets lost often - dont know why.

    Locking the door - once inside, press the button on the inside of the door handle. RED indicates the door is locked. When red, the only way to get in from the outside when locked is with a physical key that all teachers have.

    Opening the door from the inside will unlock the door. There's no need to push the button to unlock.

    Common problem to avoid - don't be the one who does this. After opening the door from the inside, do NOT push the button on the door handle because then you have just locked the door and no-one can get in using an electronic key card.

  12. Attendance, Period-9, Flex
    • There are no bells at Freestyle - just like there are no bells in a professional working film, recording, or design studio. It's your responsibility to be in the correct place at the right time - just like any professional working at Apple, Google, Sony, Microsoft, Adobe, retail stores, hospitals, etc. Respect allotted class time - be on time when you arrive and leave at the correct time. Leaving early is disrespectful.
    • Arriving 30 minutes or more late to class will be recorded as an Absence.
    • Clearing absences - One call by parents to LAHS/MVHS will suffice. Parents do NOT need to call Freestyle (we don't have an attendance phone number or attendance email anyway) if you are absent. Parents can optionally email Freestyle teachers if you wish. Don't worry about informing the Shuttle operators if you're absent.
    • Why do you have a Period 9 - Supervised Study on your schedule? Or click on the navigation links For Students > Per.9?
    • What is “Flex” on Thursday PM and Friday AM? Or click on the navigation links For Students > Flex
  13. How do I log into computers at Freestyle?
    • Login name: (YOUR MVLA email address)
    • Password: YOUR MVLA email password

    For Freestyle computers at home, click on “Local login” first and then enter the Login name and password as usual.

  14. Accessing your UsernamE-Media files from home

    You can access your files at home - click on the navigation links For Students > Accessing Files.

  15. Contacting other Freestyle students

    Every Freestyle student has an email address with the format of such as or

    How do you contact groups of Freestyle students without teachers reading the emails? Look at this document

  16. Freestyle Wi-Fi

    Connect your personal device to this network SSID: MVLA-WiFi. Enter your MVLA 1000##### number and password.

  17. Freestyle Social Media Links
  18. Freestyle Shuttle - free van transportation for LAHS students

    Click on the navigation links For Students > LAHS Shuttle Info.

  19. Parking

    MVHS Students can naturally park in the MVHS Parking Lot. Obtain your MVHS Parking Permit at MVHS.

    LAHS Students can ALSO park in the MVHS Parking Lot. LAHS Parking Permits are valid in the MVHS Parking Lot. Obtain your LAHS Parking Permit at LAHS.

    No parking permit, however, is required for the small AVHS Parking Lot or street parking near Freestyle.

    Unless you have an EV, do NOT park in the AVHS EV charging parking stations in the AVHS Parking Lot.

  20. Using the Music Studio

    Click on the navigation links For Students > Reserve Music Studio for lots of information about using our Music Studio.

    If you bring friends in the Studio, YOU are responsible for your friends. Anything broken by you or your friends is YOUR responsibility. If you see people in the studio you don't recognize, ask who the Freestyle student is with them. If there is NO Freestyle student with them, then please ask them to leave or come get a teacher to do it. We need to ALL protect our precious resource so nothing gets broken or stolen. We need your help with this please.

    NO FOOD OR DRINK (including water bottles) IN THE STUDIO. $5 fine if caught which goes towards replacing equipment.

    There is a security camera inside the studio that records 24/7.

  21. Open House and Exhibitions!!!!

    This is where the general public gets to see all your amazing productions!!! Please click on the navigation links Info > Exhibitions for more info about our Open House in February and Exhibition in May.

  22. NEW Freestyle Campus Update

    Freestyle Academy will move into our new campus in April 2023.

  23. Ping Pong

    Our donated Ping Pong table can be used by Freestyle students (and their guests). Equipment is available in the Digital Media Room - please return when done. If you need new ball, just ask Mr. Florendo.

    We don't allow non-Freestyle students to come on campus to use our facilities without a Freestyle student host including our ping pong table.

  24. 2023 Summer - Ireland, Scotland, and England Trip

    Take a trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England with other Freestyle Families during summer of 2023. Contact Ms. Parkinson about the trip.

    2023 Summer - Ireland, Scotland, and England Trip

  25. Printing at Freestyle
    • You can print normal sheets of paper in the Digital Media room in black and white only.
    • Look for the printing station by the front door.
    • If you need color printing, ask Mr. Florendo
    • Pay for your printing (B&W or colored) by adding payment money into the box near the B&W printer. You choose how much to pay. Integrity and honor system is expected.
  26. Adding fonts to your Library

    Download any special font. Usually double clicking on the downloaded font will install the font in the right place for you. If the special font doens't install properly, you can manually install the font in your Home folder > Library > Fonts. If you can't see your Library Folder, to go Finder > Go > Go to folder > type in ~/Library > click on Go > navigate to your Fonts folder > move all your downloaded fonts into this Fonts folder. You then have to restart the application in which you want to use the new font. The fonts will NOT travel with you to each new computer you log into at Freestyle so you may wish to keep a copy of your Fonts folder in your UsernamE-Media > Fonts folder.

  27. WANTED: Freestyle Event Organizers and Project Producers

    Freestyle events and special publications are typically produced by student volunteers. Get a team together to organize and produce one and/or a few of following:

    If you or a group of you are interested in any of the above, please talk to and/or email Mr. Florendo. Share your plan and we'll figure it out and make it happen. Thank you for caring about our Freestyle Community!

    Current creators and producers:

  28. Seniors switching to new electives classes

    Depending if there's space in your target elective class, Juniors can switch into a different elective class for their Senior year. Juniors will be asked to make that decision in January and inform us through a survey of all Juniors and their plans for their Senior year.

    Here some information about adjustments to your transcript that will be made for 2nd Year Seniors switching to a new elective class:

    As a returning senior you have an option of switching elective classes when space and scheduling permit. After all returning senior have made optional switches, first year seniors are accepted into classes when there is still space in the target elective classes.

    All seniors enrolled for the first time in a new elective class, whether a first year Freestyle student or a senior switching to a new elective, will have the first year of that elective course - Design 1, Film 1, Animation 1 - listed on their transcript because this is their first year in the course (instead of Design 2, Film 2, Animation 2).

    For example, if you are a returning Junior for the following school year but switching to a new elective class as a Senior, you will be enrolled Animation 2, Design 2, or Film 2 BUT your transcript will reflect that you took TWO first year production courses - a combination of two (corresponding to your junior and senior year elective choices) of the following elective classes:

    • Film 1
    • Animation 1
    • Design 1

    If you are a 1st year Senior, you will be enrolled in Digital Media 2, Animation 2, Design 2, or Film 2 BUT your transcript will reflect that you took first year production courses:

    • Digital Media 1
    • Film 1
    • Animation 1
    • Design 1

    Regardless of which classes you are enrolled in, ALL seniors will attend production classes during senior production days. Seniors will not attend junior production classes or junior English / Digital Media classes.

  29. Virtual Independent Study Program (formerly Option B) is NOT a Freestyle option

    The Virtual Independent Study Program is available at MVLA, but VISP students are not eligible for any on-campus classes across the district. So, no MVLA student can enroll at Freestyle (and LAHS/MVHS/AVHS) AND select the Virtual Independent Study Program.