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Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts & Technology

1305 Bryant Ave, Mt. View, CA 94040 T 650-940-4650 x5090
2 Required Classes: English and Digital Media 3rd/Elective Class:  + Animation or Design or Film

Photo Studio Reservations

For Freestyle students wanting to use the Photo Studio for a photoshoot, stop motion, or filming, please check the schedule below for available times and then make your reservation below the calendar.

If you don't use the Studio when you reserve it, you will be labeled a STUDIO HOG and future reservations for you might possibly denied. So if your plans change and you will not be using the Studio during your reservation time, please email your elective teacher ASAP to cancel your reservation SO THAT SOMEONE ELSE CAN USE THE STUDIO at that time.

Future reservations are also dependent upon how well you clean the studio after you use it. Reports of you leaving equipment, not tidying up, etc will put you on the Studio Probation List or at worst, the Studio Banned List.


Any recordings, photos, or films made in any of the studios/isobooths must meet the same FCC rules for obscene, indecent or profane material. Any productions found at Freestyle with obscene, indecent or profane material will be immediately deleted from school hard drives and memory cards without warning.

You are also responsible all actions and behavior by you and your guest(s) that are present in the studio/isobooth with you. Evidence found of any inappropriate recordings, photos, films, or other activities by you or any other person(s) in the studio/isobooth will result in suspensions from studio/isobooth use or suspensions and/or expulsion from school.

Fill out this form to make a reservation - you must be logged into Chrome with your Freestyle Account to see the form: