2006-2007 Junior Project 3 Documentary Films

For the documentary project, all Junior Freestyle students locate an intriguing location and search within for compelling stories. After studying documentary film form, interview and camera techniques, film students capture on tape important interviews to use as primary research for both their documentary film and their English research paper. This unit emphasizes sound research, "truth" in storytelling as well as argumentative structure necessary for effective documentary storytelling. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

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Donovan Ryan
Stephen Scheif
Michael Martinez
Corinne Medeiros
Kate Eglen
Little Kabul
Saam Talebi
Modern Medieval Culture
Ben Mandeberg
Tim Reed
Music And Teen Identity
Jacquelyn Smith
Real Estate For Young People
Tim Iverson
Real Men Wear Kilts
Lauryn Medeiros
Margaret Lewis
Sincerely - Why Teens Write Music
Julie Henderson
Skating In Mt View
Natalie Surace
Courtney Ford
Trail Less Traveled
Justin Yu
Trusting Your Doctor
Mary Schultz