2007-2008 Junior Project 2 Narrative Films

The purpose of this 2nd assignment for our Junior Digital Film students was to introduce them to Story Telling. In keeping with our school goal of integrating all classes, the content in these student films are produced in all three classes that our students take at Freestyle ACAT - English, Digital Photography + Graphic Design, and Digital Film Production. Students wrote original screenplays for these films and collaborated during production. Tools for production included Panasonic Digital Video Cameras, Apple Power Mac G5 with dual monitors, and Apple Final Cut Pro Studio applications. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

Download these videos from here.
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About Face
Sepeed Emambakhsh
Christopher Mok
About Face Trailer
Sepeed Emambakhsh
Christopher Mok
The List
Klark Wilson
Fight For Flight
Rachael Mott
Max Napier
Film Freestyle Style
Meredith Dozier
Tanner Hanson
Marina Konshin
Nora Drew
Alyssa Young
Patron Saint of Lost Things
Glenn Burgan
Connor Lanman
Simran Saund
Mary Dyer
Renee Lafleur
Kevin Lee