2008-2009 Junior Project 2 Narrative Films

Based on a short story series completed in English, film students create an original, short screenplay to emphasize character conflict and use of setting. Students learn basic camera, lighting and sound equipment operations and study, through readings and exercises, narrative continuity conventions. Partnered with only one person, students storyboard, locate sets, cast actors, block shots, light scenes and capture audio. These final projects are edited using Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

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Ellie Dominguez
Talina Rapo
Amanda Zimmerman
Daniel Kiersh
Arielle Sarnoff
Mark Acosta
Kyle Laffey
Empty Pockets
Heidy Boch
Natalie Rich
Conner Cousins
Luc Delamare
Michael Roccaforte
Zak Schramm
Lipstick Let Down
Emily Munoz
Lauren Sharabianlou
Sitting Duck
Toni Ilano
David Wooley
The Cook
Eric Cook
Robbie Hinson
The Perfect Man
Sena Absar
Charlotte Gallet
Ellie Fung
Noorin Dorosti