2009-2010 Unit 7 Senior Project Films

The Senior Project documentary film is a year-long project that showcases students' skills and creativity developed over two years at Freestyle. The goal of the project is for students to research something of personal interest and value to themselves or their community. The primary and secondary research gathered for this film project is a requirement for work assigned in all Freestyle classes. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

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A Personal Journey
Julia Cox
Toni Ilano
Believe This!
Natalie Hon
Don't Fret
Kyle Laffey
Enlighten Me
Amanda Zimmmerman
Fight or Flight
Noorin Dorosti
Natalie Rich
Free to Be
Heidy Boch
Fresh Faced
Talina Rapo
Hidden Affirmations
Emily Munoz
Eric Cook
Journey to the Top
Robbie Hinson
Michael Roccaforte
Sena Outloud
Sena Absar
Senior Project Documentary
Luc Delamare
Sushi Saga
Mark Acosta
Tsuris "Troubles"
Michaela Stewart
Jules Walton