2010-2011 Junior Project 2 Narrative 1 Films

Based on a short story series completed in English, film students create an original, short screenplay to emphasize character conflict and use of setting. Students learn basic camera, lighting and sound equipment operations and study, through readings and exercises, narrative continuity conventions. Partnered with only one person, students storyboard, locate sets, cast actors, block shots, light scenes and capture audio. These final projects are edited using Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

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Broken at the Neck
Arian Dehnow
Elize Manoukian
Alanna Rice
Parker Anderson
Katy Schaefer
Shefali Vasudevan
Defining Moments
Kyle Fitz
Nicholas Wilson
Grains of Salt
Neil Mallinar
Michal Krupa
Annalise Tahran
Sarah Weber
Lying Dormant
Dora Parnanen
Sarah Wynne
Middle Ground
Lluvia Loaiza
Nikita Nagpal
Passing Notes
Avery Grimes-Farrow
Tara Swan
Sticky Notes
Elise Vanderlip
Elizabeth Milner
The Almost Good Guy
Alexis Miller
Lauren Amorese
The Interns
Aiden Zucker
Ryan Johnson
Vicious Cycle
Elizabeth Sarinas
Frank Grabowski