2010-2011 Junior Project 3 Documentary Films

For the documentary project, all Junior Freestyle students locate an intriguing location and search within for compelling stories. After studying documentary film form, interview and camera techniques, film students capture on tape important interviews to use as primary research for both their documentary film and their English research paper. This unit emphasizes sound research, "truth" in storytelling as well as argumentative structure necessary for effective documentary storytelling. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

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Aiden Zucker
Sarah Weber
Frank Grabowski
Characters of Humanity
Dora Parnanen
Lluvia Loaiza
Faces in a Church
Tara Swan
Avery Grimes
Elizabeth Milner
Healing Intentions
Elise Vanderlip
Nikita Nagpal
Life On Your Toes
Elize Manoukian
Parker Anderson
Arian Dehnow
Neil Mallinar
Minh Wilson
Sean Rapp
Streets Of Love And Haight
Bobby Andris
Carolline Dew
Alexis Miller
Katy Schaefer
Teachers Aren't Robots
Elizabeth Sarinas
The Alley
Allana Rice
Michal Krupa
The Blossom Project
Annalise Tahran
Shefali Vasudevan
Through Their Eyes
Sarah Vivoli
Sean Hinson