2010-2011 Unit 7 Senior Project Films

The Senior Project documentary film is a year-long project that showcases students' skills and creativity developed over two years at Freestyle. The goal of the project is for students to research something of personal interest and value to themselves or their community. The primary and secondary research gathered for this film project is a requirement for work assigned in all Freestyle classes. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

Download these videos from here.
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A Passion For Collectibles
Alyssa de la Vega
And the Beat Goes On
Susie Reynolds
Art Official
Blake Bowers
Before "I Do"
Jacob Hampel
Daniel Negrete
Death - the Plight of the Living
Rosie Struve
Tyler Cash
Drift Time
Joshua Anderson
Tyler Cash
Fell Flat
Danielle Grant
For a Social Good
Rachel Wood
Gap Years
Sierra Hackney-Miller
Idea Farm
Andrew Haughey
Life Learning Academy
Anya Schultz
Protest People
Julia Mandeberg
Racing Comedy
Ben Malenka
Kendra Passaro
Scouting in the New Age
Jimmy Tran
The Future of an Industry
Nicholas Lindley
The Princess Project
Kimberly Fletcher
Tonal Thought
Blake Thiessen
Davida McFadden
Waldorf Education
Helen Owen