2011-2012 Junior Flash Animations

These Junior productions were part of their Project 2 Narrative Unit where students learned how to tell a story. They wrote/edited original short stories in English and then produced these Flash animations from their final story in WebAudio. Audio was recorded and edited in Garageband. Visuals were created with Illustrator, Flash and Wacom drawing pads. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

Download these videos from here.
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What A Bee Sees
Alexandra Gamble
A (Very Short) Tale of Two Ships
Arthur Owen
Hard Times in San Francisco
Ben Ho
Forever My Teddy Bear
Caitlin Lewis
Between Hay and Grass
Chelsea Whitemore
A Turtle's Tale
Courtney Coffman
Smack Talk
Davis Brown
The Job
Eric Liu
Jeremy's Journey
Jackson Bartlett
The Secret LIfe of Dogs
Jason Spielman
Playing With Dolls
Jessica Lee
Jessica Vergara
Our Future
Jonah Abkowitz
Finding My Spark
Karly Osborne
This Is Not A Love Story
Katie Kouvelas
One Chance, Not Two
Melanie Hugoo
Melisa Jones
All's Wool That Ends Wool
Michelle Chan
The Secret Life of the American Bagel Holes
Michelle Rubinstein
Animal Insecurities
Monica Hsu
Finn's Fantastic Contraption
Stephen Song
The Lonely Jellyfish
Zia Absar