2011-2012 Unit 5 Senior Project Films

The Senior Project documentary film is a project that showcases students' skills and creativity developed over two years at Freestyle. The goal of the project is for students to research something of personal interest and value to themselves or their community. The primary and secondary research gathered for this film project is a requirement for work assigned in all Freestyle classes. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

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Annalise Tahran
Creating Fusion and Going Beyond
Shefali Vasudevan
Neil Mallinar
Freestyler For Change
Lauren Amorese
Human Motor
Elise Vanderlip
Frank Grabowski
Nine Lives
Elizabeth Milner
No Easy Carousel Ride
Tara Swan
No Winners or Losers, Please
Alexis Miller
Pulling the Plug
Avery Grimes-Farrow
Storytelling and Video Games
Michael Francisco
Sweet Transgression
Sarah Weber
The Barrier
Michal Krupa
The Next Step
Aiden Zucker
The Psychology of Fear
Jonathan Olivo
Three Men in Suburbia
Arian Dehnow
Top Secret
Katya Schaefer
Tossing and Turning
Alanna Rice
Elizabeth Sarinas
Weekend Warriors
Elize Manoukian