2011-2012 Senior Film + WebAudio Music Video Project

These Music Videos with original lyrics/music were written, filmed, recorded, edited and produced by a combination of Senior Film and WebAudio Students. One goal of this project was to have Film and WebAudio students share experiences through a collaborative project. Each group collaborated on the lyrics and music. All music was produced by WebAudio Students with Reason and Pro Tools. These videos were produced by Film Students using Final Cut Pro and After Effects. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.


Download these videos from here.
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Back On Track
Aiden Zucker
Devan Shah
Jerry Chang
Sean Hinson
City On My Back
Alexis Miller
Kyle Fitz
Francis Sullivan
Maxine Tsang
Da Club
Annalise Tahran
Joshua Kirsch
Zachary Williams
Dry Wall
Dora Parnanen
Parker Anderson
Pierre-Henri Joubert
Samantha Pann
Eye of the Storm
Alanna Rice
Elizabeth Sarinas
Kateryna Fomenko
Robert Perreira
Ghost in the Mirror
Jonathan Olivio
Matthew Wagner
Rida Ilyas
Tara Swan
Bobby Andris
Ryan Johnson
Connor Crutcher
Madisen McBride
I Want To Have Fun In This Tub
Katy Schaefer
Nicholas Wilson
DEvon Zuegel
Sam Carmel
I'm Sorry Mr. Teacher
Dominick Montelaro
Julia White
Laura Amorese
Ryan Johnson
Ben Wilson
Shefali Vasudevan
Sheilah Smith
Zachary Baier
Arian Dehnow
Elizabeth Milner
Fernando Martinez
Hannah Kirn
Stuck In The 80s
Adam Spencley
Caroline Dew
Michael Francisco
Sarah Weber
Summer's Heart
Avery Grimes-Farrow
Erica Fischer-Colbrie
Frank Grabowski
Teresa Zarmer
Gregory Cottarel
Michal Krupa
Sierra Pollock
Sophie Ho
Wandering Eyes
Elise Vanderlip
Elize Manoukian
Maya Shaanan
Rachel Hayward
White Whine
Caleb Fowler
Camille Siegel
Carlo Pio di Savoia
Neil Mallinar