2012-2013 Junior Flash Animations

These Junior productions were part of their Project 2 Narrative Unit where students learned how to tell a story. They wrote/edited original short stories in English and then produced these Flash animations from their final story in WebAudio. Audio was recorded and edited in Pro Tools. Visuals were created with Illustrator, Flash and Wacom drawing pads. Students also produced websites to showcase all their work in the Narrative Unit. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

Download these videos from here.
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A Day at the Beach
Isabellla Graziani
A New Potential
Adam Poltorak
The Acceptance Letter
Rachel Uyeda
The Big Trip
Peter Salcido
Ryan Rosh
Even in Space
Stephen Adams
The Game
Alex Stuwe
The Journal
Sanjana Pandit
Juicy Mom
Annamari Jaaksi
Sam Wong
The Man With The Brief Case
Gilles Laurent
Money I$nt Everything
Matthew Rich
The Office Incident
Kevin Chan
Pop Goes The Bubble
Sheila Ahi
Paige Eller
Rick and Sally
David Smith
Room 101
Jordan Albert
Samjosh The Pig
Juan Nava
Camron Fukuyama
Smith of Clocks
Cindy Nguyen
Collin Frietzsche