2012-2013 Senior Profile Videos

Students were challenged to find someone who has a positive impact in the community. These videos are a culmination of research and interviews about how a particular person can be a positive influence to other people through their actions. Students edited their footage with Final Cut Pro and After Effects. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

Download these videos from here.
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Adam Petke
Patrick McClellan
Brett Packer
Ellery Seither
Janna Wang
Caity Smith
Jacqueline Portelli
Chris Egerton
Dean Rossi
Craig Corbett
Courtney Cooper
Paige Topole
Forrest Linebarger
Lauren Salinero
Jeannette Washington
Julia Day
Yu-Ju Chen
Jin Hwei Chen
Sonia Tagare
Kimberly Chisolm
Hannah Hansen
Nikki Kashani
Marco Garcia
Matthew Iverson
Michael Smith
Jack Marquez
Jonah Davis
Michelle Raffin
Nate Becker
Minako Walther
Alexander Taro Walther
Sam Lodestro
Austin Anaya
Sasha Smirnov
Vlad Popovsky
Scott Vermeer
Jacob Nunley
Seth Donnelly
Kendall Simon
Taylor Peterson
Stacy Sullivan
Andrew Thomas
Devan Tormey
Steve DeWitt
Kyle DeWitt
Diego Osorio
Richard Haslacher