2012-2013 Senior Film + WebAudio Music Video Project

These Music Videos with original lyrics/music were written, filmed, recorded, edited and produced by a combination of Senior Film and WebAudio Students. One goal of this project was to have Film and WebAudio students share experiences through a collaborative project. Each group collaborated on the lyrics and music. All music was produced by WebAudio Students with Reason and Pro Tools. WebAudio Students also produced websites and CD Case Art. These videos were produced by Film Students using Final Cut Pro and After Effects. Film students also produced Concert Posters. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.


Download these videos from here.
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4 Da Laydeez
Courtney Cooper
Eric Bohrer
Katia Kiefaber
Michelle Chan
Beats Salad
David Survilo
Richard Haslacher
Savanna Li
Zia Absar
Clinging on Tonight
Dean Rossi
Eric Liu
Julia Day
Andres Raygada
Patrick McClellan
Rachel Norton
Taylor Peterson
Future Tales
Allyson Bakos
Anthony Lazzara
Devan Tormey
Kendall Simon
Gettin' Money
Alexander Walther
Jacob Nunley
Jessica Vergara
Sean McLoughlin
I Hope You Will
Davis Brown
Janna Wang
Jonah Abkowitz
Sonia Tagare
Lawnchair Man
Camila Sol
Isabel Burns
Jack Marquez
Kyle Evans
Livin' in the Hills
Caitlin Lewis
Chung-Pei Shu
Diego Osorio
Paige Topole
Rap Song Swag
Ben Ho
Ellery Seither
Kavion Sherkat
Nikki Kashani
Run for Cover
Katie Kouvelas
Kyle Dewitt
Noah Hoffman
Stefan Cook
Screw Scurvy
Courtney Coffman
Jonah Davis
Lucas Andrade
Melisa Jones
Six Guys One Cake
Andrew Thomas
Austin Anaya
Kevin Drew
Monica Hsu
Chelsea Whitmore
Jessica Lee
Vladislav Popovsky
Yu-Ju Chen
Sounds of Christmas
Arthur Owen
Eric Heintzen
Hannah Hansen
Nathan Becker
Stuck in the Friendzone
Jacueline Portelli
Matthew Iverson
Stephen Song
Welcome to the Internet
Jackson Bartlett
Jason Spielman
Lauren Salinero
Rebecca Walton