2013-2014 Junior Project 3 Documentary Films

For the documentary project, all Junior Freestyle students locate an intriguing location and search within for compelling stories. After studying documentary film form, interview and camera techniques, film students capture on tape important interviews to use as primary research for both their documentary film and their English research paper. This unit emphasizes sound research, "truth" in storytelling as well as argumentative structure necessary for effective documentary storytelling. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

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A Beautiful Mosaic
Aleksandr Appel
Paul Pierantozzi
A Center for Hope
Andre Conceicao
Peter Dyer
A Different Center
James Anderson
Niamh McLoughlin
A Dog's Best Friend
Gerardo Galicia
Abandoned to Adopted
Laurel O'Such
Ricardo Juarez
Art of Peace
Sasha Sobol
Center Stage
Richa Gopal
Henry Cowell
Blake Moran
Thomas Wilson
New Store, Old Books
Anna Wang
Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy
Carter Lee
Kyle Knochenhauer
St. Vincent De Paul Society
Yujie Wang
Stevens Creek Trail
Daniela Chavez Preciado
The Daily Grind
Alexander Kim
The Day Worker Center of Mountain View
Eleanor Thomas
Hiba Absar
The Guadalupe Trail
Alexander Paulsen
Isabella Kuhn
The Modern Torch
Emma Bridgland
Sabrina Johnson
Wislr, the Revolutionary Network
Thuy-Tien Le