2013-2014 Senior Film + WebAudio Music Video Project

These Music Videos with original lyrics/music were written, filmed, recorded, edited and produced by a combination of Senior Film and WebAudio Students. One goal of this project was to have Film and WebAudio students share experiences through a collaborative project. Each group collaborated on the lyrics and music. All music was produced by WebAudio Students with Reason and Pro Tools. WebAudio students also produce websites. These videos were produced by Film Students using Final Cut Pro and After Effects. Each student also produced a Concert Poster and CD Case Art. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.


Download these videos from here.
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All My Friends
Daniel Kammerer
David Smith
Juan Nava
Zhi Yang
An Epic Tail
Elizabeth Halliday
Haley Jones
Kiran Kothuri
Sanjana Pandit
Beat and Bridges
Justin Hartney
Matthew Ford
Mia Montanez
Nicole Falsetti
Blue Moon Wolves
Jacob Kidd
Kevin Chan
Peter Salcido
Decease and Desist
Cindy Nguyen
Daniel Wilson
David Courter
Katherine Higgins
Annamari Jaaksi
Drianne Pantoja
Marissa Jakubowski
Nava Motamedi
Chiara Neyman
Gilles Laurent
Nicolas Fricker
Losing Conviction
Austin Sarinas
Cameron Fukuyama
Jordan Albert
Taylor Houston
Jacob Behar
Matthew Shearer
Paige Eller
Sheila Ahi
Mr. Homeless Guitar Man
Christopher Lanman
Drew Russert
Henrik Berner
Isabella Graziani
My Day
Alan Enecial
Augrey Gerughty
Elizabeth Miotke
Hope Moseley
Right Answers
Christopher Thiem
Collin Frietzsche
Parker Malachowsky
Rachel Uyeda
Shine and Shimmer
Emily Markman
Gabrielle Makower
Helena Steffens
Ryan Rosh
Through the AM
Alex Stuwe
Emma Orner
Kaye Yap
William Scheets
Too Nerdy
Fiona Stolorz
Indigo Washington
Joseph Pressman
Stephen Adams
What You Couldn't See
Adam Poltorak
Ean Pollock
Justin Walker
Lora Maslenitsyna