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About Me

Alessandro Valdevit

(i’ll add a better picture later)

Hi, my name is Alessandro Valdevit and i’m a student at Freestyle Academy. I’m a junior this year at Mountain View High School and i’m taking English 1, Digital Media and Design 1 this year. I decided to take Freestyle this year to become a more artistic person and to learn important skills that I can use in the real world such as website design, Photoshop and more. I’ve always been really interested in fashion design and taking Freestyle is a great opportunity for me to learn the process behind it and to explore some possible future career paths. So far I’ve enjoyed my experience at Freestyle, I’ve been learning how to become a more creative writer in my English class, learning how to create a website and edit it in Digital Media and learning about different kinds of art and the process of creating it and expressing it in my elective Design class. I feel very fortunate to have access to a program like Freestyle and I’m looking forward to what I can create this year.

After one full year at Freestyle Academy, I feel that I have grown a lot not only as a Digital Artist but as a person as well. While struggling through all of the hardships that 2020 brought, Freestyle was a great outlet for me and my creativity even if I wasn’t able to meet any of my classmates or teachers in person due to the shelter in place. Other than the enjoyment it brought me, I believe that my junior year at Freestyle has taught me many important skills that I could apply in my real life. Not only did it teach me how to use useful programs such as Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects and more but it also gave me a better understanding of how to be an artist outside of computer software. Overall, I really enjoyed my first year at Freestyle and look forward to the coming semester my senior year!