This website showcases my ability to use the various programs we have at Freestyle. I chose to design my website like this because you can never tell if the design is going in or if it is coming out. Each button represents a different webpage I have built and some of the buttons include various art pieces and photos I have taken and or done at freestyle. This website is designed to tell everyone about my personal life through various pages. It includes a few pieces of art I made in design that showcase the challenges I face. Doing this first website has really opened up my mind for future ideas on websites!

During the narrative unit of Freestyle for english we were assigned a task to create a narrative comic. The comic that we created in english we would later transfer it over to web audio and design. Each class had different objectives, in Web-Audio we had to scan our comics and then take each scene from our comic and make an animation out of it which you can view on my Animation page. The Animatics page is the step before we made an animation. In design we had two separate tasks for the Narrative unit. One task was to make a diptych following along the main idea of the comic. Our other task was to make an Illustration based off a piece of writing we have completed in English. You can find that artwork on my Illustration page. Included in my website I have a short story that I wrote about my comic explaining it more in depth.

For this unit we were given the chance to choose a topic and research it for our paper as well as Documentary book we made in design. The topic I chose focused on teenagers having jobs. I went through the working life of three different teenagers all of which have very different jobs.

This is the fourth and final project for my junior year at freestyle. This unit was the most relaxed one because it was experimental. We were freely given to choose a feeling to explore in design and english. I chose the feeling of joy that one feels when he/she has the chance to adventure into a mystery. For english I wrote several poems about this feeling and I took one of those poems and turned it into an animation which you can view on my animation portion of the website. In design we were assigned to create an illustration piece using either photoshop or illustrator to convey our chosen feeling. We made experimental music using pro tools as well as reason in our web-audio class. You can find my songs in the music section of my website.

Welcome to my profile website! This project was all about finding an individual that we could profile and learn more about. Doing multiple interviews and taking a various amount of photos to aid us in developing a story about our profile star. The final products include a magazine article about our profilee as well as a written paper which you will find in my website. The magazine was made using InDesign as well as aspects of photoshop to help edit the photos. We used After Effects in Web-Audio to make a media feature video that you will see in my website. The media feature is our paper we wrote in english with visually appealing cinematics to draw the attention of the viewer.
This unit was all about expressing creativity within a group by making a music video. This is our sixth project that we have done at freestyle. On this website you will find my Music video that my group and I produced and recorded as well as the lyrics that are sung in it. You will also find a photogallery that includes production shots during the making of our music video. The goals of production were to create a website as well as a music video as fast as possible. For making the music video, we were grouped up in 4 with two web students and two film students. My role in production was to make the music and master it, making it sound good and presentable. Click on my poster below to view my website!
This is our second narrative that we have created here at freestyle. This website was made using a style called PHP which was all new to us. It gives feedback to the user as they visit the pages, we also learned how to create password protected pages. Enjoy!
This is our 8th and final unit at Freestyle. What makes this website different from any other website I've designed before is that it is responsive. Depending on what device is used to view the website, different content will be shown in a different format