This is our 8th and final unit at Freestyle. What makes this website different from any other website I've designed before is that it is responsive. Depending on what device is used to view the website, different content will be shown in a different format. Overall, I am very grateful I decided to come to Freestyle Academy. The experience I have gained in these last two years is priceless and is something I could have gained nowhere else.

For one of our projects, we had to create a very free/imaginative set of pieces after we read the book Blink. It consisted of a series of freewrites that we than made into 4 different art pieces all using different forms of art to create them. We then took a combination of the free writes and art pieces and combined them into one final piece.


In english and design, we had to create a piece using humor/satire. In our group, we had to choose a topic to do. My group and I decided on making fun of a popular game called Clash of Clans. For design we had to use either photoshop or illustrator to create a piece that reflected to our english project. For our english project my group and I decided to make a rap that spoofed the game. The video and art is below I hope you enjoy.

For my humor project in design, I used a photo of a popular and growing game called Clash of Clans. The photo includes the barbarians and archers posing as if they are attacking a town of some sort. We did a rap/hip hop song for our humor project, so I wanted to design this as if it were an album cover. We used parody, caricature, and black humor within our project. To make the picture look like my idea, I had to put the photo into photoshop, once it was in photoshop I started to edit the colors a bit. I took a triptych of my friend holding my sword in three different positions. I then put all the photos into photoshop and edited the colors to make them look how I wanted it. After that was done I used the pen tool to trace out my friend and put them into the final composition. I put the clash of clans photo behind the triptych to make the point more clear. After i placed them in the correct positions, I put text in to make it look even more like an album.

For our last Web-Audio project, we were given the freedom to do whatever we choose to do that is related to web. Will and I worked in a group and we decided to make a rap song. We chose this idea because I like to make music and Will enjoys listening to music as well as rapping. Below is our song that we made together. Please listen and enjoy.