About Me

Meet Alexis Cacatian

My name is Alexis Cacatian! I am currently a senior at MVHS and Freestyle Academy. My interests include creative arts and music. As a little girl, I was always attached to music especially singing. I can’t remember not ever singing since I was surrounded by music. During my middle school years, I started to learn to play the guitar and the ukulele and have been playing for 7 years now. As I was starting to learn guitar, I came across songwriting. I love creating music that was about personal experiences or just anything in general. Art is also what I love doing. I love to draw little animals and characters, especially sketching them when I am bored. I used to watercolor and utilize pastels a lot as a kid as well. Since I am interested in video games and watching cartoons and anime, I love to draw characters and it intrigued me to do animation. That is why I joined Freestyle to work on animation. I also love fashion. I love to dress up and put pieces together since I can express myself using fashion.