Students will portray an intriguing person, group, place, idea, or issue for the Junior Documentary Project, gathering primary and secondary research sources to develop a unique perspective on their subject’s significance in the community and/or world. The English research paper serves as the copy for a magazine article in Design, as well as a film, commercial, and website. This course focuses on narrative journalism.


My documentary was inspired by the award winning film “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” I wanted to explore the topic of intergenerational trauma, specifically for Filipinos. I was really moved by “Everything Everywhere All At Once” and the way it explored the themes of identity, memory, and interconnectedness. As a Filipino-American, I was especially touched by the film’s portrayal of intergenerational trauma and the lasting impact it can have on a community. This inspired me to create my own documentary that explores the ways in which intergenerational trauma affects Filipino communities and how we can begin to heal from it. I hope that my documentary will help to bring awareness to these important issues and encourage others to start important conversations about healing and recovery.

Animation Production

Since I am in Animation I, I created a 2 minute animation for my documentary. I mostly used Adobe PS, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. I utilized the skills from past projects from my classes Animation and Digital Media to create this film.

Interviewee Bio


A graduating senior in Mountain View High School. He loves cats, music, thrifting, painting, and consuming media. He is from the Philippines and moved to the U.S at 12.