Digital Media and English

“How can I use unconventional forms to express myself?”

Different forms of expression exists within this universe, I have become aware of that ever since I attended Freestyle. Understanding a wide range of expressions has convinced me that each one is a beautiful work of art. Freestyle has a variety use of technology, programs, and equipment. To use these tools to create art was a challenging for me. As I still struggle using these tools, I always do my best to understand and utilize it. It forced me out of my comfort zone because they were all extremely unfamiliar to me, and I discovered that attempting new things can lead to the results you want. By presenting other perspectives, this chapter allowed me to develop my ideas, find what I love, and having the opportunity to be out there. These important experiences changed my view on how change is not negative and can sprout opportunities and discoveries.


In English, we were first introduced to haiku. A Haiku is a a Japanese poetry with three lines of five, seven, and seventeen syllables each that generally conjures up visions of the natural world. I was very intrigued because I love to read poetry and create poetry.


After our Haiku unit, we moved onto free verse poem where we had our own freedom on what to write for our poem. This was definitely one of my favorite units because there was no “specifics” for this project and I created whatever I wanted. Also, I really enjoyed reading my peers poems as well. After we finished the poem, in digital media, we were assigned to create a visual and an audio recording.

Porcelain Cup – Alexis Cacatian

“Porcelain Cup” is a free verse poem about feeling safe and at ease with  a loved one. By comparing the “warmth of your coffee” to the individual’s energy or love, I established the central metaphor of the poem. The line “Not absorbed from a boiling kettle’s whistle.” represents a toxic relationship, while the next line shifts to the speaker finally knowing the feeling of a healthy connection. The stanza “Your eyes resemble the grounded beans…” compares the subject’s brown eyes to the color of grounded beans. “Stuck in your mesmerizing  memory of a momentary gaze.” repeats the “m” consonant sound,  while the assonant “e” creates a somewhat overwhelming sense of memory. Finally, the assonance pattern in this poem reveals the poem’s tone of solace. The porcelain cup’s symbolism represents the speaker’s heart. Symbols were used in this poem to create a deeper significant meaning. When you read this poem, you can imagine yourself in a café, taking in the sights. I used imagery to move in this direction. Images include the smell of books and coffee, the description of being in a café, and the scarf. Imagery plays a significant role in conveying the serenity in this poem.

My inspiration for this poem was the movie Ride Your Wave. Hinako, the main character, is strong and independent. Others looked upon her with her bright personality and independence. She fell in love with the male lead, Minato; and they fell in love. They both loved each other deeply and were never apart from each other. He then passed away and Hinako was devastated. I wrote this poem based on her perspective of him, while also personal experience with a person I love. 

In order to improve this poem, I asked a lot of my peers to read through it and state their opinions. I asked my friends, classmates, Mr. Greco, and the librarian. They all helped me think outside the box because I was only thinking about how “coffee” can compare to feelings when there is more to it than that. My intention was to give the reader a sense of security and comfort while also conveying a sense of attachment.

Photoshop Blend Mode Editing

Animation Works

For our elective classes, animation, during the start of this year we focused on traditional animation and used tools like Dragon frame, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.




Flipbook: Exquisite Corpse

Stop Motion: Paper Cutout

Stop Motion: Object