The Zenith Project is the ultimate culmination of the skills I’ve acquired during my time at Freestyle Academy. It’s essentially a blend of storytelling in English, editing from Digital Media, and animation in Animation class. Students have complete freedom to create whatever they want, as long as it demonstrates their abilities and is innovative and original.


For my Zenith project, I wanted to create a song and produce it. In Digital Media we learned how to create music and I wanted to incorporate that into my project. Since we have so many opportunities and tools to use in Freestyle, I wanted to take advantage of the music studio as much as possible. Creating music has been a passion for me since I was little. I have always admired the singers I looked up to and wanted to create my own. While doing this project, it made me realize how important music is to me. I have always liked to listen and pay attention to the lyrics. How each strum should play and the emotions that should evoke out of the song so others can feel it too. This project is a risk for me because I have to reach out to people. Since I am unfamiliar with the music studio, my teacher, Mr. Flo guided me and helped me with recording my voice and my guitar. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I created. And for that, I am truly grateful to have an amazing and patient teacher.


I was on Facetime with my lover before we slept and he said “I don’t want to sleep without seeing your face.” Around 2 AM after he told me, I felt inspired to write a song. This is what I had for the first take on my voice memos from my phone.

On May 1st, I reserved the music studio with me and my sister. At first, it was just me and while I was trying to find the lyrics, everything came to me in an instant. Since this song is about my lover, he is my muse and I gathered every memory and moment that came to mind. Me and Mr. Flo have been recording since that day.

Final Project