Welcome to my Project Listing Page! Here you can find all the projects I've created during my junior and senior year at Freestyle Academy. I'm at Freestyle for three periods a day, learning about Design, English and Web/Audio. During my two years here I've create eight projects, including a documentary, profile and two narratives. Each of the buttons on the Project Listing Page takes you to a section with some information about the specific project. There you'll also find a link to the project website itself in case you're interested in seeing more. Freestyle has taught me a lot of very useful skills and given me the opportunity to use them to create designs and study important events and people in our community. In addition I've met a lot of inspiring and great people who have encouraged me and made the process for each project just a bit better. I hope you have fun browsing around my website and seeing the results of my two years at Freestyle!



This is my Self Portrait website, which was the first project I created at Freestyle. It focuses on who I am and what makes me who I am. I got to experiment with designs and ideas a lot during this project, and even though I didn't really figure out what I like and how I want to create things until later in the year, this first project taught me a lot and made me grow as an artist. Check it out and get a glimpse of my world!


This is the website for my Narrative Unit, which was all about how well we can tell a story. I spent a lot of time creating my animation, and so the website itself isn't the main attraction. However, I learned a lot about animating and graphic novels.


For my Documentary Unit I focused on safe houses for human trafficking, and I found out some very fascinating information. I then used the interviews that I had to create a slideshow, essay and book, which you can all find on my Documentary Website.


In the Experimental Unit I got to (surprisingly) experiment with different forms of art. In addition, I incorporated some new and experimental ideas into the website design. It was a fun project to end junior year with, because it brought together everything that Freestyle is about.


In the Profile Unit I had to choose a positively influental person in my neighborhood. I followed Deborah McCarley, the woman who is in charge of the horses at the 4H Westwind Riding for Handicapped program. I wrote an profile paper on her, which I used to create a magazine, media feature and presentation. You can find all of that on the website!

In the Music Video Unit I worked with another Web student and two film students to create a music video. It was fun to work on a group project, and I learned a lot about the filming process which as a web student I don't get to see as much. On this website, you can find the music video, lyrics to the song and a photogallery to show you how it all came together.

In the Narrative 2 Unit I created a php website to hold for example the book jacket I created in Desing and the short stories I wrote in English. In addition, in WebAudio, I created an animation that brought the Narrative to life. This project was exhausting - especially animating - but creating characters and stories was really fun.

In the Explorations Unit I studied thought through art and writing. I did lots of fun meditation and free write pieces, and "explored my mind" as you mind guess from the explorations title. Go check out my Explorations website for all the different pieces I made in my last project at Freestyle.