New Beginnings

Everyday is a new beginning, starting from when the sun rises. This photo was taken on Ali Mountain in Taiwan during the sunrise.


This was a picture I took of my sister taking a picture of me. We have a good relationship and get along pretty well 🙂 The tone of the image also adds a sense of warmth, despite the cold setting and attire.


This photo is not as it appears- instead of capturing the winding canyons of Utah, I simply took a photo of some packaging paper. Since the resemblance and composition of the photo reminded me of my trip to Antelope canyons, it brought to me a sense of familiarity and warmth.


I believe this photo represents me because it touches upon many aspects of my life and personality. It’s messy, it’s unique, it’s colorful, and also shows some creativity within. The makeup products represent my love for art, and everything else basically shows how a lot of my life, as well as everyone else’s, is centered… Continue reading Self-Portrait