About Me

Welcome to my page, I hope this greeting finds you well. My name is Ashley Thakur, but please call me Ash. I am a student at freestyle academy and so far, I am fascinated with the amount of enthusiasm of the teachers and their genuine excitement for the subject. Currently, I am taking Animation, Digital Media, and English. I know that my art may change through the years here, but I’m excited to see how much my classmates and I change. Since I am used to digital art and animation, I’m excited to take a step into a whole new world of traditional and stop motion animation and art.

A common theme in my art is the anime-inspired style, I really enjoy anime. Most of the styles are so visually pleasing, it gets me inspired to draw and create my own world of characters. A lot of shows I watched as a kid made me inspired to start learning many different languages and even start playing instruments. Eddsworld is a specific show that helped me learn some Norwegian. I even picked up learning a bit of the guitar and bass because of Adventure Time and Touhou Project!