Who am I?

This reflections unit was the first unit of our senior year at Freestyle. It really made us think back on our lives and combine the goods and the bads to create art and English pieces. I learned a lot about my morals and who I want to be in the future. I learned a lot about how my thoughts on the future are actually based on what happened to me in the past.

In English we created a list of twenty objects that have meaning to us. Here is my list:

  1. Kim’s memorial card
  2. Gold name necklace
  3. Menlo Church jacket
  4. Black worn out New Balance basketball shoes
  5. Red Tao’s sneakers with waffle batter stains
  6. Small desk key
  7. Sunflowers 
  8.  Burlingame High School ‘19 tee
  9.  White dusty keyboard
  10.  Gold IPhone 6
  11.  Cintiq pen
  12.  White crayola crayon
  13.  Brown ankle brace
  14.  Kindergarten bin
  15.  Penny pocket book
  16.  Blue and purple friendship bracelet
  17.  Alex and Ani birthstone topaz bracelet
  18.  Swing in the bbq area closest to the street
  19.  Lifestraw water bottle
  20. Four square ball

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Personal Essay

Personal Museum Curation