Communicative Illustration


The Explorations Project is a project where students explored a certain set of skills in depth with a specific central question in mind. Everyone was allowed to choose their own topic to delve deeper into. In order to demonstrate our learning, we made an infographic in Design class and a website in Digital Media, both of which have the products display our efforts.

In my case, I focused my explorations project on digital illustration, where I studied different illustration styles. I researched about how illustration styles and how the use of colors affect the overall feeling of a piece as well as the interpretations of a subject they can provide and change.

Low poly portrait of my mom


Because I have always admired different artistic styes that artists utilize and have also liked to draw in my free time, I wanted to improve upon my skills and to be able to communicate different emotions or messages. To do so, I practiced different artistic styles that I found striking and visually appealing and tried to mix different artistic elements together. The main artistic style I researche and practiced was one called Low-Poly which replicates an image using a small number of polygons, primarily triangles.

My process in completing my Explorations Project was first research and then production. In English, we chose a central topic, in my case communication through an art piece, and then researched it in order to obtain info to display on an infographic. In Design, we created the infographic and incorporated the information we learned from the research that we did in English. In Digital Media, we made this website. I accomplished all of this using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Process for low poly
Low poly corgi Low poly bird

Final Production

In order to create my final production, I had to practice the different style and aspects of illustration that I thought would best help me achieve a piece that would communicae a designated message. After lots of practice, I was able to finally come up with the productions shown below and also was able to construct an infographic that expressed my findings from this project

My infographic


Throughout my time at Freestyle Academy, I have acquired several skills that are relevant to the current generation and have already helped me in areas that I would not have expected these skills to be present in. I have learned several 21st century skills from this course and am extremely glad that I was offered the opportunity to participate in this great academic institution. In addition to the technological skills I've obtained, Freestyle Academy has also prepared me for the work place with their policies of deadlines and collaboration and teamwork. Through Freestyle Academy, I have grown so much as an individual and am truly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of its community.

My 'Communicative Illustration'