Chance Reynolds

Hello there! My name is Chance Reynolds and currently, I am a Junior in high school. Let me tell you a little about me. First but most importantly I am very fond of creating new things and making something special. What I mean by that is I like making figures, what kind of figures? Lego Bionicle/Hero factory figures. It is a hobby and a big passion of mine, I make all kinds of costume figures that you can see for yourself on this site! Another thing about me is I love VR/Virtual Reality: There are so many games on there and so many cool people in the world, my favorite game is called RecRoom and I am part of a small community of Youtubers, they are amazing people and I talk about them for ages and still have more to say. One more thing about me is I want to be a voice actor/animator. Those are great passions of mine and I always thought it would be so much fun to do either! I know it will take lots of work but I am determined to get a job in a role, for now, I’ll just keep practicing and keep doing it in RecRoom, oh yeah I voice act in RecRoom too, more on that later! One thing I believe in is forgiveness, what I mean by that is when I get into a fight or argument with a friend or a family member I just can’t stay mad at them for a long period of time, I like to apologize immediately and get things back together, so I guess you can I am a very forgiving person! That’s all about me for right now, now let’s talk outside of school.

Some things I like to do outside of school are going for walks, I like the feeling of going outside of my house and exploring the world outside of my bedroom, not only is it good exercise but I get to see new things every time I go out! Another thing is I like to play ping-pong and tennis, they are similar in my opinion. It’s fun and a very organized sport, I just like hitting a ball with a paddle or a giant racket. The last thing for now is I love hanging out with friends and socializing, it just makes me feel warm, safe, and calm to just chat with good friends, in real life or even in RecRoom. I might not go out too much right now because of Covid, but trust me, if I have an opportunity to either hang out with my friends or eat subway I would choose su- I MEAN friends any day.

For this year at school, I expect to become a professional website maker, animator, and photographer. I expect to be a lot more than that though, Freestyle is such an amazing opportunity and I almost didn’t get in, TWICE! But I did get into this Academy and this is the best experience of my life. It’s hard to say but Freestyle makes me excited to get to school and to learn something new. I know it will take effort and a lot of trial and error but I know I can do it and I have great teachers who will help me through it! I can’t wait to start learning and I’m even more excited for next year!