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My name is Channon and I’m Mountain View High School and Freestyle Academy’s student. I am currently taking animation, English and Digital Media in Freestyle. I am taking Animation classes in Freestyle because I love anime very much, and I want to create it by myself. I came to Mountain View last year for High School. I made some Chinese friends here and one of them was a freestyle student, she told me about Freestyle, and she is also an animation student. I was very interested in it, so then I came here. I like it here when I finally could do things I like in school.

In my Animation classes, I always forget about the time when I am working on a project. I enjoy drawing and always want to turn in my best work. I also want to learn to use Adobe apps in Digital Media classes, I believe I would use it a lot in the future. I want to use these apps to create wonderful things. Even though sometimes it’s hard to understand some directions because I’m still an English learner, but teachers always help me to fix the problem when I ask them, and I appreciate that. I used to dislike English classes, but in Freestyle, English class give me different feelings. English class in freestyle encourages us to be creative, and things we learn are always related to arts. Recently we have learned the drama book ‘Red’, at first, I think it is so hard and I could not understand it. But actually, I love the story when we finished the book. We learned hard words in the book in class together, and I learned the book mostly from my classmates’ performance of reading it. I was surprised that people in Freestyle are so talented and could act so fluently without preparing. The extemporaneous performance really helped me to learn the book a lot. I could understand the text easily by listening to their speaking tone. I will be more on task and try hard to improve my skills in all areas in Freestyle. And I appreciate all the teachers and all the nice people in Freestyle.