“How do you creatively and truthfully portray a significant person, group, place, idea, or issue in the community?”

For my documentary project, I portrayed an interesting idea by interviewing individuals and gathering information on my chosen topic. I produced a film and wrote a narrative-styled article.

I chose the topic of domestic abuse for my documentary. Because of covid-19 quarantine, we were confined to our homes and that gave me the idea of profiling my mother. I wanted to learn more about her as well as share her story. I valued this project because I felt like I helped others and I created something that I was proud of. My favorite part of this project was the interviewing portion. I loved asking questions and getting to know my interviewees.

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Before diving into the main documentary project, we created mocumentaries to get a sense of the production process.

Mocumentary Film

We practiced setting up the camera, audio recorder, and finding the right composition. Practicing these essential skills helped us make the real documentary project production smoother.

Documentary Introduction Video

I created an introduction to my documentary through animating graphics over a voiceover about the topic.

Final Documentary


Interviewee: Lis Vesurai

This was my first interview with Lis. Although my documentary focuses on a heavy topic, she responded to my questions with an optimistic tone.

Print Production

After writing my research paper, we designed a magazine article in digital media on the issue. I took my recently written essay anad converted it to an article format. I used Adobe Indesign to produce this assignment.

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