Entering senior year, our first project in digital media was to create a personal mandala. We used Illustrator to draw our designs. I valued the creative freedom of this project because it allowed my personality to show through.

Black & White Mandala
Colored Mandala
Printed Mandala
Build Video

Artist Statement

While I created my personal mandalas, I valued the freedom of this project. I enjoyed making my mandala because I could draw whatever I wanted to. It was a therapeutic process. I loved looking at the mandalas my peers made that displayed parts of their personality. I’m excited to see our final engraved mandalas. For my colored mandala, I was challenged to incorporate a water theme because water has been a prominent part of my first projects at freestyle. I loved watching my stroke become replicated in each section because it caused great satisfaction.

I learned that I am drawn to smaller lines while using Adobe Illustrator. I also preferred my art to appear less dense in order for eyes to be able to breathe. I used objects from nature such as leaves, flowers, and birds because caring for the Earth is one of my values. I wanted to convey the peacefulness you can find in the outdoors.