Photoshop Art

Photoshop Painting

Artist Statement: During this Photoshop painting project, I grew through learning to use different tools like the Wacom tablet. Before this project, I hadn’t worked with the tablet so I struggled with controlling the pen at the beginning. As I practiced, I got better at using different pressures on the tablet and holding it so I didn’t accidentally click the buttons on the side when painting. I would change my piece by adding more details to it. I think the image would be clearer if I used smaller strokes. I’m proud that I was able to paint my cat because I love my cat. It was interesting to see how realistic other people’s illustrations were. It surprised me that some pieces looked like they had been painting physically, rather than on Photoshop. I loved seeing the paintings of my peers because I could see their personalities and art styles come through.

Surreal Composition: Lilies
Creative Process

Artist Statement

For my Photoshop surreal project, I wanted to explore the theme of sexual assault since it is a topic I’ve chosen to focus on in both Film and English. I tried to express the emotions that come with these traumatic experiences. The right side of her face is detached because victims can often feel like a part of them has been stolen away. White lilies are used to represent virginity. I put these flowers inside of her head to show that they’ve been ripped out. The darkness surrounded her is all of the ickiness and guilt that comes with the aftermath of an assault.

To improve this piece, I would try to make it look more realistic by fixing the shadows of the white lilies. Maybe I would also take away her mouth to represent how society silences the voices of sexual assault victims. Through working on this project, I grew as a digital artist by becoming more comfortable with Photoshop tools, specifically, working with clipping masks.

Multi-Layered Art Project