In Digital Media, our assignment was to create a video in Adobe After Effects to express an opinion on a subject. Because I value creative freedom, I decided to write a piece on restrictions in the school system. After finalizing my written work, I recorded myself reading it and uploaded it to After Effects. I then used relevant images to piece the video essay together. As an artist, I became more proficient in Adobe After Effects because I learned to work efficiently in that application. I also valued the creative freedom of this project, as I was able to unapologetically express my opinion.


So this year in Film, we had to create personal video essays and when I first heard about it, I was so excited. I was excited because I thought I was getting a chance to express my personality and make something I wanted to make. But a week and a half into it, my excitement turned into frustration. I quickly learned that it should be personal, but not too personal, genuine, but only if your personality complies with what can be palatable to the audience. 

I felt pressure to showcase the best possible version of myself but the best possible version of myself isn’t always the most real. We were told that it should be a representation of what goes on inside of our brains, but with all the guidelines, I didn’t feel like I could be my authentic self. What sounds authentic to someone else might not actually be that genuine and vice versa.

I understand that it’s just a school assignment though. Our school system and society emphasize the importance of good grades but I don’t think creative work can be accurately graded with numbers like in math or science. Why does one person get to decide what’s considered good or bad? What’s right and what’s wrong? Everyone has their own taste in art so I think it’s important to get different perspectives.  Sure, they are technical aspects that can be objectively judged, but aren’t rules in the art world meant to be broken? 

Rather than catering to an audience, I want to make art for the sake of myself. Art that feels real.

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