Who am I?

During this unit, I explored my identity as a Freestyle student and as an individual. Through projects such as the “This, I Believe” Essay, Personal Mandala, and video essay, I learned about the less prominent traits of my character, thus gaining greater self-awareness. As a brainstorming activity in English class, we were told to create a list that embodies us—essentially, a list of “essence objects.” This exercise allowed me to reflect on the parts of myself that I value most. Each object has a specific moment connected to them. I believe I will hold onto these memories for several years to come.

Essence Objects List

  • Pebble the cat
  • Jar of chapsticks (empty+used)
  • Copy of Plato’s Phaedo gifted from a friend
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Worn down Doc Martens with zips
  • Steven Creek’s reservoir
  • Dried/dead flowers on my wall
  • Mangoes and sticky rice
  • iPhone notes app
  • Sena Bluetooth device on my motorcycle helmet
  • Tissues
  • Yorgos Lanthimos films
  • Constellation piercings
  • Dusty keyboard
  • Letters in colorful envelopes
  • Fried taro
  • Total solar eclipse
  • Spotify playlists: specifically “I” and “explore”
  • Stirrup Way, Los Altos Hills