The Zenith Project is a chance for seniors to design their own projects. It is called “Zenith” because it means the time at which something is most powerful or successful. This last project is supposed to showcase our best work at Freestyle Academy. For my Zenith, I chose to create a video essay, critiquing Hollywood and its lack of strong female representation. I used skills I’ve learned in film class such as editing on Premiere Pro.


Notes on Films

Final Product


I chose this idea for Zenith because I enjoy speaking on topics that impact me. After researching and creating a video essay on Hayao Miyazaki, I wanted to produce another video essay. I used Jstore to gather information about misogyny in film and my artistic influences include the Youtube channels, Broey Deschanel and Khadija Mbowe. If I could do this project over, I would organize the script better because it’s a bit messy now. I think I improved upon technological literacy the most because I used Premiere Pro efficiently to edit. I feel somewhat accomplished on my project because I completed it and viewers can learn about feminist theory from the video.